Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day One

Today was yet another incredible testament to how much can be accomplished when a group of people all work together for a common good. The day started early with the pre-operative clinic running smoothly and patients moving from station to station in a wonderfully efficient manner. This was thanks in no small part to the innumerable medical student volunteers who serve as translators, patient transporters and cultural liaisons through the relatively complex pre-operative evaluation. Patients were screened by our excellent team of nurses prior to entering the exam room. Upon entering the exam room patients were met and evaluated by members of the surgical team as well as Anesthesia and Physical Therapy. Our fantastic Anesthesia Team, led by Dr. Mercedes Concepcion (a native of the Dominican Republic) had already reviewed patients medical histories but were further able to provide counsel on medical optimization of patients prior to surgery.  Dr. Concepcion's team performed a thorough cardiopulmonary exam as well as reviewing the pre-operative 12 lead EKG. Fortunately no patient required cancellation today for medical comorbidities which is a testament to the efficacy of pre-operative interventions spear-headed by the Dominican Opwalk Team in the months leading up the mission. We then discussed each patient at our Grand Rounds which lasted approximately two hours. This meeting allows everyone to become familiar with the patients but also allows time for academic discussions of the optimal treatment algorithm for complex patients. We cannot say enough good things about the medical student volunteers and the fantastic Anesthesia team with which we are working. They are such a marvelously talented group of people and it gives us great pride in knowing that our patients in the Dominican are getting the exact same level of care that they would receive back home in the United States.

 Dr. O'Neill interviewing patients.


 Patient with with severe knee osteoarthritis.
Dr. Thornhill leading Grand Rounds

 The entire surgical team can discussing patients' imaging
Dr Weisheipel examining a patient pre-operatvely. . 

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