Friday, April 12, 2013

Day Two

     We completed the first day of our mission on Thursday. By the end of the day, our patients were in good spirits and were being cared for by our Dominican and Boston Nursing Staff.
As we arrived on the ward on Friday, our patients were mobilized by our Physical Therapy Staff, walking down the hallway and doing their exercises as our staff and our Dominican colleagues cheered them on ....Our ORs went into full gear with our surgeons and anesthesiologists and OR staff planning to perform 20 joint replacements throughout the day.
     We also conduced our second post-operative follow up clinic seeing our patients from 2009, 2010 and 2011. The stories they share with us is the reason we do this mission. It is stories about walking 11 km from one town to the other and doing house work and caring for others in need; or the story of farmers getting back to their work on the land and using tractors and providing for their families again... We may be operating on one patient, but our work impacts the lives of many others..........
      There are many people to thank for making our days here a success. As our team continues their work here, a large group of individuals in administration, housekeeping, biomed, pharmacy and food services are quietly but attentively caring for us to ensure that all our operations go smoothly
We are grateful for their support..... More to come........

                                                       Nurses with patient Post op Day 1 
                                                Patient walking with Physical Therapy Post op Day 1
                                                  Patients waiting to be seen in Post Op clinic
Roya, Carolyn and Jill

Video of the Post Op Clinic

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