Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day Six

Our Mission is complete but it has just begun for Dr. Alcantra and his team of doctors, nurses and therapists in the Dominican Republic. In all we performed operations on 43 patients, performing 61 total joint arthroplasties in patients from 18 year to 82 years of age. We cannot give enough thanks to our Dominican medical colleagues. 55 post graduates and medical students helped us with everything from bringing Physical Therapy supplies to and from the cargo room to translating for us on rounds every day. They were a warm light to our mission. We will miss them dearly and wish them all well on their journeys forward. Dr. Edward Sanchez and Adianez Santiago deserve special mention here. Without their help over the past 2 years the mission would not have been possible. They have helped with everything from pre-screening of patients to discharge. They are some of the most amazing people any of us have had the pleasure of working with.
Dr. Alcantra with patient

Dr. Alison Weisheipl and Krisha Parekh with patient 

Dr. Adinez Santiago and Edward Sanchez (Opwalk Coordinators)

Brooke Fontana PT working with patient

Entire Opwalk Team with all of our patients

Dr. Burke with Medical Student Volunteers

Brooke with her patient

Chief Resident Colin May rounding in the morning

Dr. Katz and the Team teaching about Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr. Archana O'Neill with a patient

Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick and Dr. David DaLury

Last Day

Franklin in the Cargo Room as it gets packed away

Brooke and Yil with patient
Dr. DaLury and Dr. Thornhill discussing a patient
Carl Harper MD operating on a hip

Franklin, Steve and Anne as they pack up CPD


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Hey Carl is Jaime you might remember me as the medical student volunteer with the camera LOL, just passing by to let you and the rest of the gang know i have posted some of my pics on FB on the following site, enjoy:

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