Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day Four

Today we completed our final full day of operations. Tomorrow we have four operations to take place in each one of our four Operating Rooms. 

However, at this point in time we would be remiss if we did not recognize one of the most important groups in Operation Walk Boston. The nursing staff. In many ways they are the unsung heroes of our mission and do not get the recognition that they deserve. However, this is not the type of group to seek the Lime Light. Adjectives such as diligent, hard working, and irrespresible are more accurate in describing this group of peope. Consider the following. When operating at maximum capacity we will often have 50 to 60 surgeon hours completed per day. In order to adequately care for these patients our nursing staff will easily log 200 to 250 hours of nursing care. All in all this amounts to an incredible amount of work. Yet, at no point will you ever hear anything but enthusiasm and cheer. After a 12 hour day, each day we readily find volunteers to stay late to take care of a late arriving post operative patient, leaving the hospital at midnight only to arrive back at 6 am the next day.
US and Dominican Nursing Staff at the Charge Desk

Barbara Aggouras NP taking a 10 second break to smile for a picture
Everyone has worked incredibly hard but several people in particular deserve particular recognition. Barbara Aggouras NP and head of the nursing staff on Operation Walk Boston has, for the past several years, performed the work of 3 people. And she has done it every day without showing anything but a smile and attitude that inspires everyone around her. She is invaluable to us, both as a leader and as one of the most wonderful people anyone has had the pleasure of interacting with. What Barbara is to the floor, Debbie Pitts is the Operating Rooms. If you took a tour of the cargo room you would see a fully stocked Central CORE not much different from what you would find at Massachusetts General Hospital or Brigham and Womens. The difference between the two is that one was assembled over weeks and months with input from logistical experts and consultants, and one was assembled from several tons of boxes over two day span with the knowledge that in 48 hours the space would need to be able to accomodate the needs of five surgeons operating upon twelve to sixteen patients per day with no room for error. Debbie Pitts and Paul Laemmle had the job of performing the latter task. In many respects Debbie and Pauls work is nothing short of a miracle.

Suzanne Fernandes and Jessica Glennon (Nurse in Charge)

Christina Foley and a Post Op Patient

Patient arriving to the PACU late last night

Julia reviewing patient vital signs before heading to the floor

Patient going home being driven by Heather, Dr. Thornhill and Dr. Alcantra

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