Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Op Walk Boston Day 5

With the operating rooms closed, all hands were busy either taking care of the patients on the floor or loading up equipment in the cargo room. Many of the 40 patients have been out of bed and walking, usually to the encouraging cheers of other patients, Dominican volunteers, and our Operation Walk staff.


Unknown said...

Hi All,
Great pictures of some happy faces of both patients and clinicians!! I am sure that you have once again left your mark on the people of the Dominican Republic :>)) What you have done simply champions the human spirit!! Thanks for taking us with you on your blog...
Safe trip home!
George C (In-Patient PT)

Ana Corazón de Melón said...

It has been an incredible 5 days working hard to make these patients regain their ability to move freely and without pain. Thank you all for giving us this amazing gift and for letting us be a part of it.

Ana L. Sanchez

Alisa said...

Margaret & Melanie ~~

Good to see your smiling faces from the Dominican! Miss you on 7AB, and can't wait to hear about your experiences.