Saturday, March 2, 2013


     Tonight we had a great meeting with Dr. Archana O'Neill and the rest our Anesthesiology Team to review the more than 80 patients who have requested to have either a hip or knee replacement performed. Many of these patients have requested bilateral procedures and have been dealing with serious pain and deformity for many years. Still others are returning patients who have had great success with a unilateral arthroplasty and will be undergoing a procedure on the contralateral extremity.
     Meeting with our Anesthesia colleagues in the months preceding the Mission allows us to prepare for the unique challenges presented by our patients, many of whom will still require further testing prior to their procedure. We hope to be able to optimize both the quality of care which will be provided to our patients as well as maximize the number of patients which can be operated upon. We are excited for the opportunity to help so many wonderful patients and are eagerly anticipating our arrival in the Dominican Republic.

Ellen Fitpatrick MD (Opwalk Chief Medical Officer) with Archana O'Neill MD (Chief Anesthesiologist) during our Feb 27th meeting

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