Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From mission coordinator Roya Ghazinouri

“What has been accomplished is only an earnest of what shall be done in the future. Upon our heels a fresh perfection must tread, born of us, fated to excel us. We have but served and but seen the beginning.” Sir William Osler

Seven days ago, I wrote a brief statement on this blog while awaiting the arrival of our team in Santo Domingo. Today my heart is filled with gratitude for our patients, for our colleagues at Hospital Plaza de La Salud for creating a warm welcoming environment for our team, and for our great group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this mission a success.

The focus of our presence was to provide the best possible care for our patients. We were able to achieve this goal through collaboration and holding one another accountable for our clinical performance. We worked side by side with our colleagues from the Dominican Republic and I am proud to say that we achieved our goal. Our patients are now able to walk, dance and lead productive lives.

Thank you for your commitment and your dedication to Operation Walk Boston.

Roya Ghazinouri, PT, DPT, MS
Mission Coordinator - Operation Walk Boston

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Libby said...

Truly wonderful work you have done. I loved reading about the follow-up with last year's patients. How gratifying it must be to see their progress, and watch them dance :)